Toji Temple (Kyō-o-gokokuji Temple) Kyōto, Japan). Kyō-ō-gokokuji is the name given by the Emperor Saga and it means: temple that guards the capital and the land by virtue of Ninnō-gokoku-kyō, the main sutra of the Shingon sect. The temple itself was erected by Emperor Kammu about 30 years earlier (the 13rd year of Enryaku (794)) when he transferred the capital from Nara to Kyōto. It was the East guardian Temple. It among others contains the five-storied pagoda which is the highest in Japan. Built in 826 it burned down four times after being struck by lighthing. The current pagoda was built in 1644 by the third Tokugawa Shōgun Imetsu. 

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