Orchid green-house in the garden of Jacques Wirtz © Dirk Heyman

Dirk Heyman

Dirk Heyman is a self-taught photographer. After his education in architecture, engineering and economics he spent the first part of his international career in the information technology, consumer goods and pharmaceutical industry. He worked globally and interacted with people across all levels of multiple organisations in industry, commerce, academia and government. From this he developed his skill as listener and observer as well as his project & management skills.


Skills useful in his 2nd career as photographer where he focuses on gardens, architecture and portraits. Portraits are mainly focused on artists & artisans. He also gets his inspiration and vision from art: his father was a keen & talented photographer, poet and university professor of history of art. His mother is a gardener and he has a large garden himself.


Dirk looks for structure and calmness in his photos. He tries to capture the spirit of the person, theatmosphere of a garden, building, structure. As such when taking photographs of people he primarily uses a more documentary style to catch the right moment. For gardens and architecture he will not only focus on the feature for which they are known, many gardens or buildings have them, but also what in them is important for the owner or the designer or gardener.


Dirk is based in Switzerland, close to Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and works domestically and internationally.

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